In the early days of tattoo conventions there wasn’t nearly as many people tattooing or getting tattooed as there is today. As tattooing grew bigger, so did the tattoo conventions. when tattoo conventions were in the early stages there would be a thorough vetting process as well as a portfolio review done by the person organizing the convention, who was usually a world renown tattoo artist in their own right. This process would insure to the general public and tattooing as a whole, that only the finest and most accomplished tattoo artists would be in attendance carefully making sure that the tattoos being done were w/ the utmost care and respect to the client being tattooed at these events. photo IMG_3798_zps2ufhsa1m.jpg

In fact, it was a matter of “PRESTIGE” to be selected to tattoo at one of these events, which were only held once or twice a year. It was a time to show your peers and the general public the best tattooing had to offer.

      What we have done w/ this show is to take it back to the simple formula of “QUALITY OVER QUANTITY” and to make this convention a source of pride and “PRESTIGE” the way tattooing has always been meant to be. photo Low res_zpscv5zpggf.jpg All of our tattoo artists have been hand picked because we know they are truly the best at what they do and they love and honor the long history of tattooing. Whether  it be American traditional, Black&Grey, Japanese, Tribal, or realistic tattooing, this is the best our craft has to offer featuring artists from around the world. And when you mix great tattooing and great music together into two amazing days, you have the ingredients for an unforgettable weekend of fun!!
   So please join us May 6th and 7th 2017 for The Prestige Tattoo/Music Festival here in Philadelphia, a two day festival of visual and audio arts that has something for everyone. We absolutely hope you enjoy yourself attending this fantastic event just as much as we did organizing it with all of you in mind! ALL ARE WELCOME!!! Thank You, and we’ll see you this May!

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